About us


Bio-Gene is an Australian public non listed biotechnology company that is developing a patent protected product platform as a new class of insecticides. Our chemical class was first discovered following a botanical screening program looking to identify natural product based insecticides in Australian flora.

Bio-Gene’s is developing two products targeted at different sectors of the insecticide market. The natural product Qcide® is an oil extracted from the leaves of a rare cultivar of an Australian eucalypt, the Gympie Messmate (Eucalyptus cloeziana). This product is focused on organic insect control and DIY home gardening segments. FLAVOCIDE is a chemically synthesised product developed as a nature identical molecule to molecules also found in Eucalyptus cloeziana extracts.

Bio-Gene owns patents covering the use of these β-triketone insecticides for insect control.

Both products have been developed by Bio-Gene to address the major worldwide problem of insecticide resistance in the areas of crop protection, animal health and public health.

Both molecules have been shown to have extremely promising insecticidal activity against a large range of insects known to cause damage to agricultural crops such as aphids and mirids, insects which affect animals such as fleas and ticks in cattle and buffalo fly in sheep and against insects causing major public health issues such as Aedes mosquitos which are the carrier of Zika and Dengue virus.Studies have shown that Flavocide® also appears to act effectively on pyrthethrin resistant insect populations indicating that Flavocide® may have a unique mode of action.

Bio-Gene is continuing to assess these two products against other insects in laboratory and field settings.

It has also recently put in place partnerships with leading entomology groups worldwide specifically as part of potential mosquito control programs and for a range of public health, crop, food storage, and animal health uses.

Based on these results and ongoing studies Bio-Gene has now designated Flavocide® a formal product development candidate and plans to initiate registration enabling studies such as detailed toxicology assessment as well as larger field trials later this year.



Non-executive Chairman

Don has 30 years’ experience as a senior partner of Ernst & Young, Oceania, Don has extensive experience in IPO’s, transactions and audit.  Don has advised and worked with Boards of organisations, ranging from some of the largest in Australia to fast growing entrepreneurial and medium sized organisations.

Don was the Oceania IPO Leader at Ernst & Young and worked with clients listing on the Australian, US, UK and key Asian stock exchanges. IPO clients in Australia include Regis Healthcare Ltd, Realestate.com.au Ltd, Melbourne IT Ltd, MYOB Ltd and several Biotech entities. He held positions as Biotech Markets Leader,  National Leader of Strategic Growth Markets and on the Board of Partners of Ernst & Young.

Don is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand, a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Director and of Murray River Organics Group Limited.

RICHARD JAGGER (B.Sc.(hons), M.Intl.Bus., GAICD)

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Richard has over 20 years’ experience in the Agricultural sector, working for Fortune 500 companies around the world. He managed the introduction of Australia’s first agricultural biotech products into the cotton sector. Having worked as a senior executive manager for Monsanto’s Roundup business within Australia and New Zealand, he has extensive knowledge of the local business and distribution network, as well as the major Crop Protection companies globally. Over the past five years he co-created the Australian subsidiary of Sinochem – one of the largest Crop Protection companies in China – in the role of Managing Director. He was previously a board member of Crop Life Australia, the peak national industry organisation representing the agricultural chemical and biotechnology (plant science) sector in Australia.  Richard is a founding member of Victoria’s Cleantech Cluster, designed to support, consolidate and promote clean, sustainable technology for use around the world.

Richard has extensive experience in business management, continuous improvement, strategy development, culture evolution, technology and innovation implementation. With the opportunity to work with different cultures and business styles across the globe, he has a solid understanding of what is required to make a success of cross cultural, or cross geographic businesses.


Non-executive Director

Mr Klupacs is a highly experienced professional uniquely experienced in translating and commercialising early stage intellectual property from a variety of technology areas into commercial product or investable corporate vehicles. He is an Australian registered patent attorney who has had a wide and successful career to date within both private and publically traded companies as well as the academic arena. He has over 30 year’s corporate experience in the international technology development arena.

He has focused primarily on biotechnology and biotechnology corporate development, particularly healthcare related, but has also been involved in the commercialisation of software, scientific instrumentation, food technologies and enabling agricultural technology. He has deep expertise and experience in all facets of corporate development and technology transfer including: IP licensing, patenting, intellectual property strategy and management, joint venture creation and management, fund-raising (private and public markets), corporate and scientific due diligence, technology and corporate acquisitions, corporate compliance and corporate governance and academic liaison. He is the Founder of 26 companies in Australia and Singapore.  He is a highly experienced professional Director having been an Executive or Non-Executive Chairman/Director on over 24 different corporate entities. He was previously a member of the Pharmaceutical Industry Group and is currently a member of the Victorian Biotechnology Advisory Committee.

He is scientifically trained in pharmacology and biochemistry and has a deep understanding of molecular biology, genetics, bioinformatics, immunology, ophthalmology (device and therapeutic), neurosciences, oncology, reproductive biology and stem cell biology. Robert was Managing Director and CEO of ASX listed Circadian Technologies Pvt Ltd from 2008-2013.

PETER MAY (BAppSc (Rural Technology) (Hons), MBA, GAICD, AFAIM)

Executive Director Research and Development

Peter’s career has included over 20 years of experience in the Australian and international crop protection market with companies Orica and Crop Care Australasia (now part of Nufarm). His various roles included management of non-crop pesticide products, export sales & toll formulation operations. During this period Peter developed extensive experience in international crop protection markets.

In 2001, he founded Xavca Pty Ltd, providing marketing & consultancy services to companies such as Syngenta, Sorex (now part of BASF), Babolna Bioenvironmental (Hungary) and Proplan Plant Protection (Spain). Peter continues to operate Xavca with a focus on market research & marketing activities in both crop and non-crop sectors in Australia, New Zealand and the Asian region. In 2008 Peter joined BioProspect Limited (ASX: BPO) as Chief Executive Officer and subsequently was appointed Non-Executive Director and then Non-Executive Chairman of that company. In 2012 Peter joined Xenex Associates, a UK-based international consultancy company, as a Senior Associate, working on market development projects in the Asia/Oceania.

Peter is a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), an associate fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (AIM), and member of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) and the Mosquito Control Association of Australia (MCAA).  Peter holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Rural Technology)(First Class Honours) from the University of Queensland and an MBA from the Queensland University of Technology.


Non-executive Director

Kevin is a founding director of Bio-Gene Technology Limited. Kevin has had an extensive career in the fields of Advertising and Marketing having run his own Advertising Agency for more than 20 years. He has more than 20 years’ experience in new plant propagation, farming, and processing and live plant transport techniques.

Kevin was instrumental in securing the contract with the University of Western Australia to grow Boronia megastigma and producing essential oil that was regarded as the best of its type in the world and was highly valued. He also secured the contract in Western Australia for exclusive access to that State’s native flora.

He has been involved in the development of Qcide® from the outset and has a vast knowledge of the plant husbandry and the extraction methods used to produce natural Qcide®. Kevin was also involved in development of the synthesis of flavesone as a first step in the commercialisation of FLAVOCIDE®.


Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary

Roger has more than 20 years’ experience in senior finance roles in a wide variety of industries.  His early career included working with a Chartered Accounting practice and two years with the Australian Taxation Office. Before Bio-Gene, Roger was CFO and Company Secretary  for a number of SMEs both listed and unlisted including Patrys Limited, TPI Enterprises Ltd and eChoice Home Loans.  In these roles he was responsible for all financial affairs and corporate administration as well as assisting in investor relations activities.  He has over 15 years of biotechnology and pharmaceutical experience.

Roger is a CPA and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.