Commercial Pathway

Bio-Gene has a clear path to commercialisation

Australian stored grain pest control partnership trial

Bio-Gene recently announced a collaboration of all key representatives aligned on stored grain partnership trial.

Globally, losses of grain in storage can reach up to 50% and are attributed to resistant pests. Insect damage and contamination can greatly reduce grain quality, incur treatment costs, and severely impact grain prices and market access. A product which introduces a new Mode of Action is critical for pest management to address increasing resistance in the future.

The proposed studies will build on the previous trials completed by Bio-Gene and undertaken by DAF in which Flavocide successfully demonstrated control of a broad range of pests.

The trials will be designed to determine commercially viable formulations including but not exclusive to:

  • The best combination for broad stored grain pest control;
  • The synergistic effects of combined chemistries;
  • The optimum application rates for resistance management; and
  • The best suited combinations to be taken to the field for residual efficacy testing.

Please click here for a report on the grain protectant market.