Bio-Gene is an Australian AgTech development company with a novel platform technology based on the naturally occurring class of chemicals known as beta-triketones that seeks to address the global problem of insecticide resistance and toxicity. Beta-triketone compounds have demonstrated insecticidal activity (eg kill or knock down insects) via a novel mode of action in testing performed to date. This platform may provide multiple potential new solutions for insecticide manufacturers in applications across animal health and crop protection as well as in public health and consumer products. The Company has obtained patent registrations as set out in Section 7 and holds other intellectual property for the use of its technology platform as insecticides. The Company’s aim is to develop and commercialise a broad portfolio of targeted insect control management solutions.

Bio-Gene’s lead product is Flavocide™ (flavesone) a nature-identical compound produced by chemical means. Qcide™ is derived from a natural oil product containing tasmanone as the active constituent, and extracted from the leaves of a rare cultivar of an Australian eucalypt. Bio-Gene is the owner of intellectual property covering a novel class of beta-triketone insecticides.

After the discovery of Qcide™, Bio-Gene developed Flavocide™. As a synthetic compound, Flavocide™ potentially provides the Company with the ability to develop large scale chemical production which may enable scalable production to meet global demand if insecticidal testing and toxicity evaluation prove positive.
Both of these beta-triketones may potentially be used alone, or in combination with other insecticides, with targeted applications in insect management and control.