FLAVOCIDE® is, a β-triketone molecule flavesone produced by synthetic chemical means. It is patented worldwide by Bio-gene as an insecticide. It has demonstrated activity against a range of insect pests. Flavesone exists in nature in a number of plant species including those that also contain tasmanone, the active ingredient in Qcide®.

Bio-Gene has successfully developed chemical synthesis methods for producing flavesone which provide for significantly increased production yield compared with extraction from plant materials. The product has been initially formulated as an emulsion in water (EW) for use in a range of agricultural and public health applications.

From data generated by Bio-gene to date FLAVOCIDE® appears to have a unique mode of insecticidal action. This attribute is of extreme importance as it could provide a means for addressing the exponentially increasing problem of insecticide resistance to the existing classes of chemicals.

Pesticide resistance is now a major problem impacting a number of agricultural and public health markets. In particular the development of resistance to pyrethroids by major mosquito pests is a significant problem in vector-borne disease control programs around the world.

Testing of FLAVOCIDE® has been undertaken by both government research laboratories as well as by commercial collaborators, including significant multi-national companies involved in insect control products in a number of important market segments. Current programs include testing against pests of agricultural field crops, ectoparasite control in animal health, and control of public health pests.

Bio-Gene intends to commence registration enabling studies with FLAVOCIDE® in late 2016.