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The insecticide market is a segment of the broader pesticide market. There are four main categories in the insecticide market: public health, animal health, consumer applications, and crop protection, and each are substantial.

This market size provides an ample market for Bio-Gene to target. There are a number of persistent drivers that support the long-term demand for insecticides.

These drivers are long term trends that given their nature are unlikely to change substantially in the near to medium term.

As such, this presents a stable market environment for the insecticide industry that is populated by multinational agri-chemical (AgChem) companies such as:

  • BASF (Germany),
  • Syngenta (Switzerland),
  • Monsanto (US),
  • Bayer CropScience (Germany),
  • DowDuPont Agricultural Division(US),
  • ChemChina (China),
  • Sumitomo Chemical Company. (Japan),
  • FMC Corporation (US),
  • ADAMA Agricultural Solutions (Israel),
  • Nufarm (Australia),
  • Zoetis (US); and
  • Virbac (France)

Due to economies of scale as well as existing distribution networks, these AgChem companies dominate the global industry supply chain. Insecticides manufacture in Australia is a $180 million [Source: IBISWorld, 2017] per year industry. Australia is a net importer of insecticides. Bio-Gene anticipates that given the comparative sizes of the Australian and global markets its primary source of collaborators is likely to be international AgChem supply or science organisations.