Our Commercial Opportunity

Insecticides are used to combat the spread of insects and other pests such as ticks and mites that pass disease to humans and animals, and cause damage to crops. An effective insecticide is reliable, safe and cost-effective.

Insects and other pests are becoming increasingly resistant to insecticides that have been misused or in use for many years, lowering the number of insecticides at the disposal of the agricultural sector as well as public health agencies.

Many of the insecticide classes in use have toxicity profiles that pose mounting human and environmental problems. Consumer concerns about the use of insecticides in the food chain have increased. Several active ingredients have been withdrawn from use due to human health and eco-toxicity concerns, which is reducing the industry’s product portfolio further. New classes of insecticide are required to combat the growing issue of insecticide resistance. Bio-Gene has developed a platform technology with a novel mode-ofaction that could offer a new range of safe, effective insecticides.